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October 28, 2017

Deleting messages on WhatsApp for all recipients starts rolling out

For every couple of weeks or months, there was a rumor on WhatsApp of message recalls feature. You got this feature in a beta version but it never works properly. WhatsApp starts rolling out a new feature of deleting messages for all recipients.

Deleting messages on WhatsApp let you remove a message you sent in a conversation. It won’t just disappear from your chat, it will go away on the recipient chat. This feature can be handy if you send something to someone by mistake, made a typing mistake or you regretted saying something and so on.

Three major conditions of Deleting messages on WhatsApp: You can only delete messages up to 7 minutes after sending [...]
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October 26, 2017

Pocket Adds Continuous Playback for Listen, Beta Version Adds Highlighting

A Pocket app is a place where you can quickly save, discover, and recommend the best interesting stories on the web. You just have to save things you want to read later. The pocket app announced two most interesting feature in Android i.e Continuous Playback for Listen and ability to Highlights Quotes and Passages.

By updating Pocket to version 6.6.3 you can experience the Continuous Playback Listen feature, where Highlights feature is only available for a beta version.

A ton of new improvements for Listen:

In Pocket, Listen / Text-to-Speech is getting a major upgrade. For those who don’t know what Listen discovered yet, it comes back to your stories which you [...]

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October 25, 2017

Instagram V20 Update Brings ‘Go Live With A Friend’ Feature

Instagram has introduced a new fun way to go live and that is “Go Live With A Friend” feature. Instagram was giving hints about its new feature to add a guest into the live stream and today is the day when it’s live and working with your Andriod smartphones. This feature is live and you can use it by updating your Instagram app to its version 20.

This Go Live with a friend Feature of Instagram is really simple and very engaging. Once you go live then you can add any of your viewers to join the live stream with its permission. If your friend accepts it, then the screen gets split and your friend’s window comes right below yours.

The best [...]

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October 25, 2017

Snapchat for Android now lets you send 60-second ‘multi-snap’ videos

Snapchat is the application through which you can communicate with your friends using photographs and videos. Sanpchat added a new feature to Android that allows you to send 60-second multi-snap videos. Before this feature Snapchat allows you to record videos up to 10 seconds in length. As Snapchat struggles for its relevance, So it searches a new way for its users, it decided to allow longer videos.

As you know Snapchat runs on both platform Android and iOS. iOS got this feature of ‘multi-snaps’ a few months ago. But according to Android users, it is not possible for them to record a video up to 60 seconds. In Android, you simply have to keep your finger [...]

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