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July 30, 2014

Top 3 Video Editing Apps For Android

In this modern world every old trend is changing and being updated; earlier to edit a picture of yours could give you a tag of “SMART PERSON” but now even a boy of 7 years can do it using some photo editing apps which we published a month ago – “TOP 5 MUST HAVE EDITING APPLICATION“. So now whats on trend is that can you edit a video through your Smartphone. Well when you pay thousands of money to buy a “Smartphone” you should know to use it wisely and which video editing apps you should install.

So today I’m here to share with you the “Top 3 Video Editing Apps For Android”. I recently uploaded an article on “HOW TO CREATE A [...]

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January 20, 2014

3 Best Paid Camera Apps For Android +1 WTF App

Pictures is one of the best thing that one can preserve as memories and clicking some beautiful pictures, that would serve as memories down the ages, more beautifully  than ever before is something everyone would love to have. Won’t you? OK, so looking for best paid apps that aids to you photography and add “WOW” factor to every single images clicked by you, well it is often said “paid is better than free”.  So today we at Above Android going to put some light on the best paid camera android app from Google Play-Store

The camera in your device can do many wonders just like a DSLR camera and professional cameras can. Luckily there are many such android app for [...]

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May 30, 2013

App Review Of Clone Camera | Clone And Edit Your Photo Easily

Hello friends, today I’m here to give a review on clone camera android app. We have almost stopped giving review on single application but this applications is so good it forced me to share this with you all. This application serves with a feature where you can take multiple pictures of yourself and joint them as one.This applications is very useful for people who don’t know Photoshop and yeah it’s not at all complicated as Photoshop is.

The work of this application doesn’t end here; this application not only clone your picture but also can add filter and text to it.There are more than 20 different filters to get your picture to different level. Clone [...]

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