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October 24, 2016

PNB MetLife’s Infinity Android App Review – Worth Checking

PNB MetLife’s Infinity Android App is next generation of cloud storage. With the growing tech-savvy world, it has now become important to be one click away in any situation. Wouldn’t you want your important documents and information right in your phone with you? One click, and there you have your insurance policy or bank details. So don’t you worry if you haven’t carried your documents or travelling without the required certificates. With the new PNB Metlife Infinity app, you can now secure and save your important documents and memories. All you need to do is download the “PNB Metlife Infinity”.

Along with this introspection, PNB Metlife, launches “PNB Metlife Infinity”, [...]

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July 29, 2014

File Expert with Clouds : Ultimate App To Manage Your Files

In this fast moving world we require important documents at any time. It’s not possible to carry the laptop or computer to each and every place we travel. Here the File Expert applicationcomes in picture. It is one of the most trusted applications used by many consumers.

Why is File Expert needed?

This is the one of the most downloaded application from the android market. The latest smartphones already carry File Manager when they come out of the box.  Though it does a pretty good job however the File expert is an application for managing the files on the mobile phones, tablets, computers and cloud storage servers. It is one of the most popular application managers on [...]

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