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July 29, 2015

How To Take The Perfect Selfie Differently – Selfie Tips

If you have taken a new android Smartphone or already having one then it is obvious that you too are eager to take good selfie and be a part of the recent craze by posting the photo in social networks. Taking the perfect selfie is what most of girls and guys love to do. Therefore some important points are discussed here so that you can take even better selfie from your android phone.

Take selfie with the back camera

Most of Smartphones are equipped with two cameras front and rear camera. Front camera on android is used for taking selfie as it is really difficult to take selfie using back camera because we can’t see the button and find it difficult to hit the button without [...]

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May 6, 2015

Selfie-Centric Xperia C4 announced by Sony

Sony had made quite a stir by launching their selfie-focused Xperia C3 in August last year which featured a front facing camera with flash. And just today, the Japanese manufacturer announced the successor to the C3 in the form of the C4.

The Xperia C4 brings to the table beefier specs in terms of the display and processor prowess, while at the same time retaining the trademark Xperia design that has been tried and tested over a multitude of Sony devices. True to the series title, the C4 is a ‘Camera’ centric device which has a front facing flash – which is a boon for selfie lovers.

The C4 is a dual SIM device that has Sony 3D Surround [...]

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May 5, 2015

3 Best Video Editing Android Apps 2015

Smartphone has changed the way we live today, Android phone today has replaced the digital camera to some extent. You can easily  capture every moment with a single click in the android phone as many of the Android phones are enabled with an excellent quality camera that is not less than a traditional camera. Apart from capturing photos, you can even capture high-quality videos too. To enhance your video capturing and editing experience there are few best video editing android apps for 2015. The top 3 video editing apps for Android is listed here.

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Top Video Editing Android Apps

Out of hundred of available apps [...]

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April 10, 2015

Unusual Multiple Uses Of Smartphone You Never Knew

Technology is taking the world in a state where there is no such thing that can be said as impossible. There are multiple uses of smartphone which you may never knew. Android Smartphone is that creation by the developers which can be used for various purposes and its usage are not limited to only gaming, calls, messaging rather you can use it as security camera, Bluetooth speaker, webcam , mic or as a modem for your PC. Some of the best uses of Smartphone are explained here.

Multiple Uses Of Smartphone 1. Use Smartphone as Modem

Smartphone can be used as a modem for laptop, iPad or any other device but you just need to activate the data pack on your mobile. You can use the [...]

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