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March 22, 2015

Activate Whatsapp VoIP – Steps To Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature

Recently Whatsapp INC has started rolling out Voice calling feature. Whatsapp VoIP feature enables user to call over mobile data ( 2G, 3G ) or Wi-fi with another user instantly. Activating Whatsapp calling feature is as simple as one two three on your android device. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocols feature in Whatsapp can be a game changer has Whatsapp Inc now entering into new segment where it has to compete with giants like Skype, Viber, Hangouts etc. With 700 million active users, whatsapp can give a boost push and have potential to compete with VoIP giants. In 2014 ending we have posted about the whatsapp working on new feature, which turned true.

Rooted phones may [...]

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April 5, 2014

How To Make Prank Call From Your Android Smartphone Using PhoneBuster CallerIDFaker

Recently I have reviewed very unique and interesting application which you cannot resist to download like “The Money Making Application” and one in which you can makes your friends insult themselves by their own face 😛  “PHOTOSPEAK”. As you know; we bring you the amazing application and the latest news as we recently review the “Most Powerful Upcoming Smartphone”. There are many “How to” articles posted on our blog which are very useful and you’ll be amazed after each of the article as they are unique and interesting. But today I’m here to review an amazing application you can call it a trick about “How to call your friends from different number”.

Well we all wish if [...]

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February 12, 2014

Google Now Allows To Make Call Without Using Contact Names

Now a days, Google Now is getting very quick updates and it is indeed must for an intelligent personal assistant to get updated regularly. In the recent update of the Google Now, user will be able to refer a person by relationship whenever you want to make a voice call or a text message, which is a really good thing actually. In other words, Google Now Allows To Make Call Without Using Contact Names.

Yesterday, Google have published a post on its Google Plus Page which states that now user will be allowed to make call without using names. In other words, a user will be able to save time keeping in touch with your loved ones. You can skip [...]

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January 25, 2014

Receive Call By Whistling With Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App

As you know the only best apps are featured on Above Android, here we are with amazing android app that will blow your mind as well as your mouth and we are sure enough after reading this article you will start whistling for sure. Today we are here with amazing tool app which will enhance your driving experience and let you focus on car rather than your boss or any other important call. This app is named as “Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App” which is developed by the team of DreamBit.

Features of Auto Answer : Whistle & SMS App

As the name suggest, this app will let answer the call by just your sweet whistle. As you whistling sound is reached toward [...]

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