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April 30, 2015

Smartphone Buying Guide : Things To Consider Before Buying Android Phone

Don’t just close your eyes and buy a new smartphone. Open your eyes, read this article about Smartphone buying guide 2015 before making any purchase decision. People are getting very keen to get a new Smartphone with the introduction of new models each year. If you are planning to have a good android Smartphone then focus on some points before buying the device you have dreamed of and spending huge money for it. Above Android team has made smartphone buying guide, which you can consider before buying android or any other phones online or offline. The most important things that should be considered are listed here.

Smartphone Buying Guide 1. Internal phone memory

Internal [...]

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November 18, 2014

Pre-Order Nexus 6 on Flipkart for Rs. 43,999 only

The next-generation Nexus 6 smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop was unveiled about a month ago and now it available for Pre-Order on Indian E-commerce gaint,  Flipkart have already made the amazing landing page for Nexus 6 two days ago and today it is available to make a Pre-Order Nexus 6.

Google had officially confirmed the pricing of the Nexus 6 in India by listing it on the Google Play Store in India earlier this month. The Google Nexus 6 32GB variant has been priced at Rs. 44,000 in India, while the 64GB variant has been priced at Rs. 49,000. The pricing of Pre-Order Nexus 6  on Flipkart is as same as the price confirmed by Google on Play [...]

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