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January 7, 2016

CES 2016 : The Stage is Set for the Year Ahead

Consumer Electronics Show that is CES 2016. We’re not only talking phones, it’s about the newest techs in Cars, Cameras, SmartWatches, Smart TVs, Robots, Drones and what not. The tone would be set for the months to come. As from Jan 6 – Jan 9, all techy geeks would be glued to this grand show in Vegas for all the upcoming trends and updates from the global event. The focus is on the big brands, the trendsetters, the big names in the industry. Or will the new ones make the cut? It is going to be one heck of a joyride as we at #AboveAndroid will unveil the upcoming products for our audiences.

The buck comes to Android, all of us await something new, so here are few hotshots [...]
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February 17, 2014

The New BBM 2 For Android with BBM Voice , Channels and Location Sharing

Just few days ago BlackBerry announced a new update for the BlackBerry Messenger that is BBM 2. It was really a great day for Android user when the BBM firstly came for Android devices after great start and break of the services. Today is also a great day for Android users because now the BBM 2 is available with many of the new updates which were available only for the BlackBerry user before this update. The features such as BBM Voice, Channels, Location Sharing, Dropbox integration and many more.

Voice calling which is now available for the Android user works on both WiFi as well as Cellular network. By using this feature BBM user can make call to any BBM contact for [...]

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October 15, 2013

BBM For Android Coming Within Days Says CMO

BlackBerry’s CMO Frank Boulben said that he expects the BBM to launch on both Android “within days,” adding that the company is confident that it have successfully fixed issues that arose after the initial cross-platform launch of the messaging service last month.

There was a technical problem for the BBM Messenger due to unofficial leaks of APK which we have also shared over here. The BBM worked for few hours and then it discontinued.

The delay in the official release of first cross-platform versions of BBM has not only been harmful for BlackBerry but also its partner companies like Samsung and Micromax, which had been [...]

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September 18, 2013

BBM For Android Leaked [APK] : But Doesn’t Function Fully

We are really getting closer to the release date of the Grand Launch of BBM for Android. As we are coming closer to this day the rumors and news both are getting wild.  The app will be available by the end of summer as we specified in the previous  post and the press release from BlackBerry  and now the End of Summer is near and BBM for Android is getting almost ready. Many leaks of the apk came around us and lots of them were fake. Now we got an official apk leak from RIM (Research In Motion) .

This leak version is not fully functional yet. The user can install the app , also open it. the user can also send the email activation. But it cannot be activated now. The screen [...]

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