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The Next Android will not be Named After a Dessert

Next big update of the Android is Android Q, which is now announced has Android 10. Previously for 10 years, Android is releasing its operating system in the name...
Free Streaming Service ‘Flipkart Videos’ Rolling Out for Some Android Users

Free Streaming Service ‘Flipkart Videos’ Rolling Out for Some Android Users

Flipkart videos, a free video streaming platform was announced to be launched over a week ago. Flipkart the E-Commerce firm started rolling out Flipkart videos service for the Android...
Backup Contacts in Android

How to Backup Contacts in Android

If you want to backup contacts in Android devices, then we have got the complete information about this. Stop transferring contacts manually from one phone to another, even most...
Scan QR Code in Android

How to Scan QR Code in Android

Most of the Android users are not having any idea about how to scan QR code in Android and access the information. A QR code is used for...
Downgrade Android Firmware

How to Downgrade Android Firmware

We all like to update our Android firmware to the newer version to get extra features which are offered by the Google. Most of the users even try the...
Change Language In Google Chrome

How to Change Language in Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome is the native web browser available for Android devices, it is the most popular internet browsers according to market share around the globe. By default, the Google...
Delete Download On Android

How to Delete Downloads on Android

Downloading is one of the most used features for internet accessed devices. Most of the downloads are done on smartphone devices, due to the easy access all the time....
Setup Voicemail on Android

How to Set up Voicemail on Android

In case you are unable to set up voicemail on Android, then you should follow the below-mentioned method. Voicemail is much needed in every smartphone device; it...
Android Q Dark Theme

Google to Bring System-wide Dark Theme to Android Q

Google announced some major features for its upcoming version Android 10 Q at Google IO. Among all the features, the Dark Theme feature received the best applause among all. The users...