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July 31, 2017

How To Make Android App For Free Without Coding

Believe it or not, Android is dominating the world with its power. The users of Android is not increasing, infact it is increasing exponentially. To take the advantage of such a growing user base, it is must for business to have their Android App published on the Google Play Store.

Newbie can acquire large set of audience just by developing an Android app, but the question arises here is – How to Make Android App with any coding knowledge.

No Worries, Above Android is here to help you with this query. We are going to list here 3 ways by which you can make android app for free and also with any coding knowledge. Yes it is true, Here comes the list.

How To Make [...]
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April 14, 2015

How You Can Develop Android App Online Within Few Minutes

Android apps are everywhere and they serve us countless purposes. Most of us have a concept that creating an app means having knowledge of complex programming is must. Yes, it was few years ago, but now with the availability of numerous online app development tools anyone can develop android app online within few minutes. You can be an android app developer by following the below steps.

Develop Android App Online Now 1. Design the app

To develop android apps you have to focus on a thing, so decide the purpose of your app. It will help you out to figure out the target audience and also the types of features that you should add.

Create a rough sketch- Design is very [...]

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