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July 6, 2014

Piano Tiles – Dont Dare To Tap White Tile : Game Review

In the competitive world of game developers, here is an amazing new game ” Piano Tiles ” or “Don’t Tap The White Tile“  for the android users from HU WEN ZENG. Piano Tiles is the simplest game one would ever play. It has very simple controls and it is very easy to play which makes it an additive one. It is a game which tempts your reflexes against time and movement. The background music in this game just adds cherry on the cake.

The basic concept behind Piano Tiles is simple. A grid with white and black tiles scrolls down your screen and your job is to touch all of the black tiles without making mistakes. As you hit tiles, you can here piano keys [...]

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May 4, 2014

Top 3 Addictive Online Games For Android

As the title suggests I’m here to share you top 3 games which you simply cannot refuse to install on your Smartphone. Well this games were the best addictive and challenging game than all other online games. Online games are the games which require internet connection in your phone. You can play live with your friends which in turn makes online gaming even more exciting and challenging. There were many online games available on Play Store but after lots of research we have found out the ultimate online games which are very interesting, fun to play, and hard to leave it once you start.

Top 3 Online Games For Android 1. TEEN PATTI

Teen Patti is the gambling game mostly [...]

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February 22, 2014

Jellybean Madness : Explore Your Madness With Jellybean

After the drop down of Flappy Bird game from Google Play Store, many game developers tried to use the name and concept of Flappy Bird to earn some raw money,  but we also found a team of developers who believe in the quality of game and improving the gaming experience of the users. GameEon is one of them, the team strives hard to develop the amazing games and their new game “Jellybean Madness” is live example of it.

As GameEon CEO, Nikhil Malankar says in an Interview with Above Android  that we work our best to deliver the best possible output and the Jellybean Madness is here. Jellybean Madness is a casual Android game and launched just few hours ago by [...]

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