Yu enters wearable market with YUFit band

At the launch event of the Yuphoria, Yu also launched a couple of more devices which hint at a rising trend being followed by OEMs all over – the foray into the wearable segment.


While a couple of weeks back we saw the launch of the Mi band in the country, today Yu announced their very own fitness tracker –  the Yu Fit band. It brings in functionality and usability, along with many health tracking features, for an attractive price point of Rs. 999/-

So in this article, we\’ll be talking about the other things that were announced at the Yu event today: The YuFit fitness tracking band from the company, and also the HealthYu – an all in one portable health monitoring device.


The YuFit band is a typical fitness tracking band, but with lots of functionalities up its sleeve. While it has a pedometer inbuilt and can sync the data with your phone, it also has a small OLED Display which will display to the user the number of calories burnt and the number of steps taken, besides other valuable fitness stats.

Moreover, the YuFit band is also a centralised indicator for all your notifications. On being paired with the phone via Bluetooth, the Band will display the notifications (that will arrive on the phone) on the OLED display, which is really quite cool.

The company claims that health monitoring and combating the rising number of health issues in the country is its foremost priority. So, as a measure, Yu has also launched a dedicated healthcare system. An application (HealthifyMe, from Yu) on the mobile device can connect with a database to recognise the number of calories present in Indian foods, and the user can also get tips and guidance from healthcare personnel (A feature similar to Goqii).

This seems to be an add on plan, since the company has also announced that the first 1000 users of the YuFit band would get this feature (of interacting with healthcare personnel) for free.


The YuFit band brings a tiny display on an inconspicuous band, and tracks your fitness and provides notifications on your wrist. This band is going to be sold at Rs. 999/-


Besides the YuFit band, the company has also made a revolutionary product – probably the first of its kind ever.

The HealthYu is a small casette like device which you can connect to the back of any phone. It has sensors integrated within it.

By using a specific application on the phone and by holding the HealthYu at correct positions, the device will enable the user to monitor his/her health stats in real time. These stats include vital information such as the ECG, BPM and other information which could be available only via specific equipment which can be accessed only by medical professionals.



The HealthYu health tracking device will sell at Rs. 4999/-


From these launches, it is evident that Yu is taking the road less travelled when it comes to manufacturing devices in the country. With their entry into the wearable tracking and IoT in healthcare market, it will be quite interesting to monitor Yu closely and wait and watch for what\’s next from their labs!