Samsung Galaxy Gear : Hardware, Software & Design Specification

With every passing phone, Samsung likes experimenting and innovating with its smart phones. This time has done something extraordinary technology by launching high tech smart watches. They have launched a very high tech watch that is available with Galaxy Note 3. This watch has everything that you can think about. They have released Galaxy Gear along with Note 3 but it will cost separately. This watch requires a constant connection with the phone and it will be only accessible with this phone only. Samsung seems to be experimenting with the wearable devices now. Whether it is a positive point or not, will only be decided by the users. Was there any need of this watch? Let’s check the reviews of this watch.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Hardware
Now let’s see have a look on the hardware description of this device. The processor of this device is 800 MHz and it has an Exynos CPU. It has got 1.63 inch screen with super AMOLDED display and the resolution of 320 x 320 Pixels. The 315 mAh battery is sufficient for such a device. The very interesting thing about this device is that, it has a camera too. The camera of this watch is 1.9 MP along with BSI sensor. It can also record videos and has 720p video recording capacity and playback also. A lot of things can happen in this small screen. The device is equipped with 2 microphones for answering any call that are located on both sides of the watch. One speaker is also there in this device.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Software
Here comes the software which decides the efficiency of this device. This watch also have android operating system which is 4.2.2. It has also got Bluetooth 4.0 and internal storage of 4 GB. It also supports Gyroscope, Accelerometer. The working of any device depends on its speed and it is perfect with it too. It has got 512 MB RAM. There are some pre installed apps in it like Banjo, e Bay, Path, Pocket, Atooma, Evernote, Glympse, Vivino, Run Keeper etc. Chat On and Samsung apps are also supported by this device. Various additional features like S voice, Find my device, Auto lock, Smart relay, Stopwatch, Safety assistance, pedometer, timer are also supported by this device.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Design
The above described features are enough to describe any device and this shows that Samsung has given its all to launch this device. Such a high tech wearable device will bring lots of excitement and buzz among the users. But the users have to spend extra bugs to have this watch. It will cost you around $299. Its main components are enclosed in a hard plastic case with a brushed metal front. It has got four screws at corners and a touch screen glass. The band is made up of flexible rubber which is not removable. There is wide variety of colours to choose from.


If you talk about the overall design of the watch, then I must say that it will not disappoint you in any manner. Its plastic and rubber material is perfect and is brilliantly made. The only thing that will mind the users is its price. Firstly they have to spend for Note 3 and then additional money for this watch as it is only connected with this phone only. Rest all depends on the users, whether they will like this technology from Samsung or not.