LG G Watch said to be Launch in this June for €199

LG G Watch, the first smartwatch from LG will use Android Wear, Google’s new software platform for wearable devices. According to LG France, the LG G Watch release date is set for June and the price of the smartwatch will be  €199 in Europe. It is also expected that the G watch will be priced at $199 in the US.


LG’s arm in France confirmed to Les Numeriques that the G Watch will become available in June for €199. The Watch was previously available in only one color which is Stealth Black, but at last week LG uncovered a new Champagne Gold color to join the Stealth Black, which was showed at the official announcement of the watch. The G Watch is also rumored to have 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

LG has already confirmed that the G Watch display will be always on, so you don’t need to explicitly wake it up just to see the time. The watch will also be water resistant, which is neat. It will not be with the circular display as of available in Moto 360

, infact it will have 1.65-inch screen  rectangular screen.

The LG G Watch is exactly as costly as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, which was also costing $200 for it. While comparing the LG G watch is far ahead in performance and working as it is running of Android Wear platform which has the potential to become much bigger than the Tizen-based software that Samsung uses for the new Gear.

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