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Xolo Play 8X 1100 : Octa Core Gaming Smartphone Review

Xolo Play 8X 1100 : Octa Core Gaming Smartphone Review

by Abhishek VoheraSeptember 2, 2014

Xolo introduced the new smartphone named Xolo play 8X-1100 that incorporated with the extinguish features and superior technology. It is optimized for the gamers who love to play on mobile and its all configuration is based on considering the gamers perspective.Xolo play 8X smartphone reviews let you know that  this phone is full of extinguishing features that enhances user experience. Xolo Play 8X - 1100

Display and Body

Xolo play 8X possess 5 inch of display that is 1080 x 1920 pixels of resolution. With the capacitive touch screen and Proximity sensors. Accelerometer, ambient light sensors it makes the user experience at the top. It is incorporated with the metallic body and awesome display to provide user with classic experience.

Sound, Memory and Data

As this device is mainly featured for the gamers therefore it possessesa fantastic sound system that enhances the HD gaming more exciting for the user.  It incorporates sports dual speakers and DTS surround sound that enhances the multimedia experience of the user.It supports 32 GB of external memory and 16 GB internal memory. It is enabled with 3G support and Wi-Fi that use to incorporate USB and Headphones of 3.5mm. Xolo Play 8X camera


The camera quality of Xolo play is mind blowing because it is incorporated with the rear camera of 13 MP that provides high sensitivity of RS sensor available in Sony Exmor. It uses to focus to the closed loop that enhances your multimedia experience. Along with this it has 5MP of front camera that is providing a wide angle lens of 88degree and BSI sensors. This device also acclimatizes feature video recording with 1080p.


Xolo play 8X smartphone is incorporated with the octa core processor of 1.7 GHz that includes the 700 MHz Mali of 450 GPU. It possesses 2GB RAM and 6-axis motion sensing that enables the HD gaming experience to the user. This software implies 4.4 Kitkat Android OS and having 5-inch of IPS display. 1.7 ghz octa core processor

Battery and Price

When talking about Xolo play 8X battery, then you must know that it is powered with the Li-ion battery of 2100mAh. That also possess OTG support and provides 8 hour on call battery backup. This is the extinguish smartphone that is available for the user comparatively low prices. It can be easily bought for the price of Rs. 14,999/- only which is not much as compared to its features and quality.

Xolo play 8X smartphone Verdict

Why to buy xolo play 8X?

There are many reasons because of which it will be recommended to have Xolo play 8X. Some of them are:

  • Excellent processor and easy to use
  • Provide high level of gaming experience that enhances your fun
  • Superior picture quality and HD video supports
  • It uses advanced operating system and processor

Why not to buy xolo play 8X?

Few reasons that may hold you to buy this smartphone are:

  • Its battery backup is not so good, continue playing may require recharging it
  • It is available in white color only that reduces your selection range
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  • Akash

    Is there anybody purchased xolo 8x 1100? I want to know the reviews the person who is using it. try to give your opinion.

  • MohammadWasiullah

    Xolo always provide good configuration but all Xolo users not satisfied with its battery.

  • Mikael T

    Can anybody tell me whether this device records audio in stereo mode while shooting a video?

    How hot does it get in the back of the phone while playing heavy games?

  • Allof Us

    same question i want to ask

  • Allof Us

    Good Phone

  • Allof Us

    What about the battery

  • Allof Us

    when am i expected to get all my answes???

  • You should also add some some benchmarks results.


    gamer lover buy this phone bcz best graphic in this phone as compare to same price smart phone