Razer Gaming Smartphone with 120 HZ Refresh Rate!

 Have you ever thought of Gaming on an Android Smartphone?

The Idea always puts it down with a list of Options which includes Either the Snapdragon 800 series or the Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series with Exynos Processors. But then is that what you call as Gaming? No! To Only change that Razor is in the Android Smartphone Gaming Race. They have Partnered with NextBit which released its Robin Smartphone last year with Innovative Cloud Features.


The Razor Phone has a 5.7 Inch 2k Display with 120Hz Refresh Rate. This means all the games You would play will Look Stunning and Great. This type of Refresh rate has been only seen in the new Apple iPad Pro and now it is in Android Smartphones too.

What does the Screen Refresh Rate have to do with Gaming you would ask, The Higher Refresh Rate means the screen refreshes very fast where you can feel better animation or graphics in games. or if You don’t play games, maybe you would feel better Gesture Animations and Jitter free Lagging. which sounds really Good isn’t it? Exactly! Let us look at the specifications of this Phone in detail.

Razer Gaming Smartphone Specifications

  • It has a High-End Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Processor
  • 8 GB of RAM for More or High Graphic Demanding Games in the Background
  • 64 GB of Internal Storage which is small for 2017! But you can expand it with Micro SD Card Slot
  • Dual 12 Megapixel Cameras on the Rear which is similar to iPhone’s Telephoto Lens Arrangement
  • An 8 megapixel Front camera for Crystal Clear Selfies
  • All Regular Wifi Bands, Bluetooth, and NFC for Android Pay!
  • Fingerprint on the Power Button for protecting your Files like a Spy Thriller Movie
  • The Whole Unit is Functional with the Android Nougat Operating System with Promised Android Oreo
  • And a Giant 4000 Mah battery to Power the 120 Hz 2K Display

It is very sad to see that the 3.5Mm Headphone jack is dead here too. A lot of Smartphone companies are killing headphone jack these days! which is very depressing to see it. This is an essential Peripheral for especially Gaming but then Fret not cause you have really loudspeakers in the Razor Phone. You still have a Dongle inside which will let you connect to your existing headphones.

Razer Phone being the Gamer’s Phone Has its own Benefits like Game Booster which will automatically Optimize your Phone to play your favorite games at higher Graphics and Running At maximum Speed.

Well, we should even talk about how well the thermals are being handled. This Phone being the Gamers Ultimate Device with Higher RAM Equivalent to a Computer and 120 Hz of Refresh rate, You actually would be expecting it to be hot all the time. But that is not the case here! The Phone is so Good in Handling the Heat Thermals. It is Surprisingly Cool all The time. Heat Dissipation is Excellent I would say and Every other Android Smartphone would not Keep up with this in terms of Thermal Levels.

Pricing and Availability

The Razer phone will cost around $699 which is equivalent to 44,999 Rs. Pre-orders for Razer Phone have already started and it will ship to North America and Europe.There hasn’t been really any Android Smartphones which claimed itself to be a Gaming Smartphone till now and At this price it would actually directly compete with Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 8 devices. At Above Android we just wish if this phone comes with a Headphone jack as we cannot live without it but then nothing can be done other than getting Wireless Headphones.