OnePlus One : Review, Specifications, Price, And Features

It is a smart phone with all required features. A new Company; truly unknown to the world. Yet a grand creation for such an affordable cost (only $299 for 16 GB). This is the first piece. But still one plus have shown the expertise in its technologies. This Chinese manufacturer has offered a best deal for smart phone buyers. Though the cost is a favorable factor, there are points that the user to re-think before they decide on this phone.


Features and Specifications of OnePlus One

Display and body

The screen display is 5.5 inches. The body is made of matte finish plastic. The build is so solid and sturdy. The phone as such is very sleek and fits in one’s pocket very comfortably. But the huge display can be disadvantageous for certain people. It doesn’t fit in your hands that well. The phone weighs around 160 grams when there are many models available in the market lighter than this. Like the other android phones, the power button is located on its right side panel while the volume buttons are on its left.

Sound, memory and data

It has a good 3 GB RAM capacity. The storage capacity is 16 GB. The battery capacity is said to be 3100 mAh. The resolution is 1080×1920 pixels. The storage is restricted to 16 GB capacity. It is not expandable. This is a major drawback.


It has a 13 MP primary camera. There is no front facing camera in the phone. This is a major dis-advantage. And this is a point to be thought of. With a 13 MP camera, the phone has storage of just 16 GB capacity with restriction to expansion. Any user will not be able to enjoy the camera feature. The data needs to be downloaded to their systems then and there.


The processor with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and CyanogenMod 11S is the operating system in which the phone operates. Though the display is not that catchy, look and feel of the themes are all exchangeable to typically look like a normal Android Kitkat. The steps to get it done are user friendly so that the user can do thoseby themselves.


OnePlus One is a grand creation for such an affordable cost. This smartphone comes only for $299 for 16 GB version and only $349 for 64 GB version. It will be available from the Q2.

Verdict of OnePlus One

Why to buy OnePlus One?

  • Cost of the smart phone is too affordable for the features offered. It is offered at just $300
  • Navigation becomes lag free and sliding becomes enjoyable
  • Camera resolution is a big plus
  • The OS is exchangeable to Android Kitkat latest version
  • Good battery life

Why not to buy OnePlus One?
The buyer needs to think the factors that are not favorable before purchase.

  • No micro SD card slot available.
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  • Mild sharp edge which tries to cut the hands of the user
  • No front facing camera
  • Weight of the phone is bit high when compared to their counterpart
  • Existing OS does not offer better look and feel like the current Android phones
  • Battery is not removable

There are more Chinese manufacturers in the market to come out with these types of smart phones, yet One plus One had hit the market with its cost too pocket friendly unlike other phones.