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Nokia X2 : Microsoft unveiled the next-generation of Nokia X

Nokia X2 : Microsoft unveiled the next-generation of Nokia X

by Abhishek VoheraJuly 13, 2014

Few days ago, Microsoft, the company who took over Nokia,   have announced the Nokia X2 – which is the successor to the original Nokia X released by Nokia. The Nokia X2 is priced for €99 which is about 8000 INR. The company have launched this affordable Android smartphone for targeted markets.

Nokia X2

With a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor on-board, everything you do is razor-sharp and responsive with Nokia X2. And with a bigger 4.3-inch ClearBlack display, all of your apps, games, photos and videos are brought to life with aplomb.

Multiple Microsoft apps and services are also pre-installed, including Outlook, OneDrive, Skype and some Xbox games. Nokia X2 is built with amazing 5 MP camera, complete with LED flash and autofocus,and get superb snapping quality photos with your Nokia X2 Dual SIM Smartphone.Just put you and your friends in the shot and take a sound-guided selfie.

Nokia X2 Specifications

By purchasing this Nokia X2, staying connected to family and friends is easier than ever with Skype, offering you free chat messaging and free video calling on the front-facing camera. And with 7 GB+ of free storage available to you on OneDrive, upload your photos and files for easy access from your smartphone, Xbox or computer.

Fastlane makes it easy to see what events you’ve got coming in the future, what apps you’ve used recently, as well as the different tasks you’ve performed throughout any given day, and with just one tap, you’ve launched an app or responded to a notification.

Over all, Nokia have launched this Nokia X2 smartphone with a great hope to break the Google ecosystem and give users the another amazing experience of the Android operating system. So the  features provided by the Nokia X2 are cool enough at the price on which it is offered.

The Nokia X2 by Microsoft will be available in select countries immediately in glossy green, orange and black, with glossy yellow, white and matt dark grey coming later in this year.

So guys,anyone there who is thinking to get this one for yourself?

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