NichePhone-S combating Smartphone Addiction

“Phones should Fit in the Hand and should weigh Less, But Not according to What Manufacturers want their Consumers to use.But Essentially meant only for the consumers Comfort and That will only serve for the Betterment of the People”


NichePhone-S is a New Android Smartphone which is released by FutureModel. This Smartphone actually Runs on Android which is officially launched for the Japanese Market. It is So small and tiny! The NichePhone-S weighs only about 38 Grams. Yes! Only 38 Grams and We were shocked and reacted the same way like you did.

The NichePhone Perfectly Targets the Apple’s iPhone SE users who have small hands and wants a really small phone. Now You finally have an Option for Android, But wait a minute! This cannot do your basic Whatsapp or Facebook. All it can do is 3G, Voice Calls, Messaging, Music Player and a Voice Recorder.

This has the really old and Outdated Android Jellybean. As You Know There is no Google play store or Amazon App Store here for you to install the latest and Greatest Android Apps. Not even the Temple Run or the Google Chrome Canary Browser for you to browse at least in Mobile Web pages.

You Actually Don’t buy this phone for those cases. It just helps you to get away from Smartphone addiction and from the constant need for Instagram and Snapchat stories. But it serves the Need for Basic Communication in a very attractive manner and compact form. This Phone also has a Battery of 550mAh Battery which is only 150mAh extra Larger than my Android Wear Smartwatch.

This has a MediaTek CPU which will be handling all the basic Necessary tasks required for the functioning of the NichePhone-S and also has a Nano Sim Slot for the Voice calls. We would be really Shocked if it will even have a Fast charging with the Micro USB Port for Charging the phone.

Features of NichePhone-S

  • Do basic Tasks like Voice Calls, Messaging, Music Player and Voice Recording
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  • Phone That perfectly targets the people with small hands and a Compact form.
  • Helps to Get Over your Smartphone and Selfie Addiction within Days of usage
  • Has a MediaTek CPU for Processing basic tasks
  • Runs on Android JellyBean
  • Has a 550mAh Battery
  • Weighs Only 38 Grams
  • Priced Relatively Cheap at $90 USD