Moto Z2 Force Released: All You Need To Know

On the 25th of July,  Moto released it’s new phone, the Moto Z2 Force Edition. The phone aims at competing with current flagships at the same price point. With the new phone, Moto has taken the opportunity to add more MotoMods. Here is all you need to know about the phone.



The phone sports a design quite similar to its previous phones. This may be a bit disappointing but with Moto promising support for previous MotoMods in their next phones, this was quite predictable. The only new thing we can see is a dual camera setup at the back. However, this is still contained within the circular Moto element as seen in previous phones. The phone has a ShatterShield screen at the front which, in fact, is not made of glass (surprisingly). However, the 7000 series aluminium does refine the look of the phone by making the edges more chamfered. The phone has become thinner as compared to its predecessors which gives it even a sleeker look-and-feel.


The Moto Z2 Play aims at flagship specifications with a Snapdragon 835 SoC under the hood, along with 4 Gigabytes of RAM and 64 Gigabytes of internal storage. However, some countries such as China and Brazil are bound to get special versions with increased and/or more storage. The phone has a Qualcomm X16 chip which supports Gigabit internet supported by T-Mobile and AT&T. To compensate the thinner design, the phone now has a 2,730 mAh battery as compared to the 3500 mAh one on the old Moto Z Force. This increases the phone’s dependence on the battery MotoMods. The Z2 play no longer has the headphone jack and has opted for USB Type-C and has a 25 Watt Moto fast charger. The screen is a 5.8 inch Quad-HD AMOLED display.


The phone has a dual camera setup at the back. This setup contains two 12 Megapixel IMX386 sensors with f/2.0 lenses. The camera, unlike the Moto Z Force, lacks Optical Image Stabilization. The Moto Z Force had an f/1.8 lens, which means that the Moto Z2 Force, with its f/2.0 lense, will do worse than its predecessor in low-light performance. The dual camera setup allows depth features, as seen on the iPhone 7+ and the OnePlus 5. Moreover, with one sensor being monochrome, the phone also supports true white-and-black images like the Huawei P10. There isn’t much to talk about the front camera as it is the same as last year. With the Z2 Force, Moto also introduced the Moto 360 Camera Mod, more on that later.


The phone runs on Android 7.1 out of the box. Moto has always had a very good approach towards software in their phones. The phone has the famous Moto gestures such as the “chop-to-activate flashlight” and many more. The Moto gestures app, introduced back in 2016, allows the user to take full control of the phone through the use of hand gestures and using the fingerprint scanner as a navigation bar. The skins is barely noticeable, as usual, and gives a stock Android look to the phone.


The phone has basic sensors such as the Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer along with many others. The Moto Mods have always been the main attraction towards the phone. Motorola released two new Moto Mods, the Moto Gamepad and the Moto 360 Camera. This makes 11 Moto Mods in total, supporting 5 Motorola devices till date. It is important to note that 6 of these mods are battery packs from various companies including Motorola itself.


Price and Availability

The Moto Z2 Force will be available among major US carriers starting August 10th. The unlocked version of the phone will retail for around $800. The phone aims at competing with current flagships such as the iPhone 7, OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6.

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