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Moto G2: Uncovering the Latest Edition to Moto G-Series

Moto G2: Uncovering the Latest Edition to Moto G-Series

by Abhishek VoheraAugust 8, 2014

The Motorola G smart phone was released last year and it was a budget device for most of the people. It was costing only $200. Now Motorola had decided to come up with an addition to G-Series with its second edition. The new Moto G2 will be cost friendly as the company boasts off. Initially, the phone looks to have a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.


The CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside hinted that the Moto G2 might cost a little less than its predecessor. The Motorola G2 will surely to hit the market with more amazing features this time. The wait is still on and the company has only revealed its first look.

What will Moto G2 Get?

Motorola is all set for getting a positive review about the G2 version. The handset will be little bigger than Moto G and might have a 5” display screen. It is believed to have an Android 4.4.4 Operating System and a quad core CPU that might be clocked at 1190MHz. The phone will have an 8 GB memory and 1 GB internal RAM.

The company had not yet announced about the memory card slot yet. There might be no memory card slot in Moto G2 according to rumors. A camera of 8 MP at rear face and the front camera of 2 MP are expected this time on Moto G2. Rear camera will be well equipped with the features like flash, face detection, auto focus, and touch focus.

Moto G2

What’s great about Moto G2?

The people still wonders that how Motorola will manage a phone cheaper than its predecessor with such a good range of features. Still the battery specifications of this phone are not known. We cannot predict about the phone’s battery. The phone is boasted to have more features that include accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, compass, Bluetooth, GPS, proximity, and Wi-Fi.

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    i am feeling gealous with moto G 2nd gen users.

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    Same here

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    really awseome phone by google loving it

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    planning to sell moto g and to buy moto g 2

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    lucky ones who waited

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  • MOTO G2 is only lil. bit faster in terms of performance.


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