LG G2 : Review, Specifications, Price And Features

After Samsung’s huge hit in launching a Next-Generation’s Smartphone, LG the South Korean multinational company which is fourth-largest company of its kind in South Korea launched a Smartphone in Competition with Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and some more recently launched Smartphones. LG hope’s to elevate the handset to a more premium plane somewhere beyond its predecessor. LG G2 review is here, it is a heavyweight contender with its awesome features, High price, Qualcomm’s lightning-quick Snapdragon 800 processor and many more explained below in detailed


What’s new in LG G2?

Apart from the unique change in Lock and volume keys which they sifted to the back right below the camera. This phone features some more awesome software’s which makes LG G2 apart from the world.

These were the main new features of LG G2 explained in detail below:

  • Monster Battery backup
  • Quick Remote
  • Slide Aside
  • Clip Tray
  • KnockOn

Display and Body:

The design of LG G2 is Glossy, Smooth and thin. It is 5.45 inches tall, 2.79 inches wide which makes it a bit uncomfortable in hand but this isn’t something new now a days all the smartphone face this issue like Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. It easily catches fingerprints and smudges on its back. If you are used to a big Screen Smartphone that isn’t should be a problem. G2 has massive 5.2 inch IPS LCD display with 1920×1080 pixel resolution (HD).When its display is compared with G S4 and HTC One side by side, the display of G2 is found to be the best one. Watching it from any angle is not the problem. Even watching the screen in sunlight is not a problem.

Sound and Camera:

The sound quality of G2 also has got something in it. It has an impressive speakers located at bottom edge of the Smartphone. So keeping the phone on ground while listening songs won’t be any problem. The speaker phone G2 is also awesome indeed. While watching any Movie or Video in HD putting on Earphone the experience changes. The earphone sounds best with the Quad Beat which LG G2 provides.

Talking about Camera G2 has 13 MP Camera making your 750$ worth it. It has HD resolutions which come with all Smartphones now a day. With the Lightning Speed Processor with a blink you are served with HD pictures. Even in outdoors camera work’s well. It also has a feature of Optical Image Stabilization which works best with phone’s fast processor.

Processor, Battery and Software:

LG G2 is an Android Smartphone with 4.2.2 jelly bean OS and some custom-made LG interface on top. It has all the features and function you would expect from a high-end phone. The phone is capable of handling everything we could throw at it with its 2.26GHz CPU with an Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of DDR3 RAM.  The G2’s UI is not as elegant compared to HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 but it is a way far better in its own kind. The KnockOn feature which adds a wow to the phone is also quite interesting. This feature allows you to awake the screen just by double clicking the screen without reaching the unlock button at the back of the phone. The Quick remote Feature which turn’s your device in a Universal Remote Control. One of the unique feature of G2.

Talking about battery this phone could managed to get a battery of 3000 mAh which allows it to get amazing standby of 2 days. Putting a considerable strain on the battery with frequent browsing, video viewing and gaming sessions, the LG G2 still lasted us the better part of a day and a half. With more managed use, a two day battery life would be achievable, just, and this puts the G2 a step up on the competition. However, the phone’s power supply is not removable so having a spare battery isn’t useful for emergency and heavy business use.



The price of LG G2 is around 750$ which is around 45000 INR approximately.