Google Pixel 2 : The Biggest Smartphone of 2017 to Come


Last year Google shifted its flagship from Nexus smartphones to the Pixel series. It launched two phones i.e. Pixel and Pixel 2.Both the phones recieved lots of popularity and their sales also reaced heights and set the benchmarks for other smartphone companies. With the Google Pixel and Pixel Xl going so popular in the market the expectations for the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel Xl 2 are very high. It is assumed that Pixel 2 is going to be the biggest hit in the smartphone market in 2017.


1)No audio Jack

There are rumors that as like iphone7, Pixel 2 is also going to remove the 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, it may be a sad thing but the manufactures are believing that going wireless is the new trend. There are no official news on this its a rumor so lets hope for the best.

2)Dual Lens Camera

Recently, many smartphone companies have preferring the dual lens camera for their smartphones. Companies like Apple, Huawei ,LG and many other companies have recently launched their latest smartphones with the dual lens camera and there are rumours that the second edition of Google Pixel will also have dual lens camera.

3)Water Resistant

The new version of Pixel is expected to be water resistant with IP68 water and dust rasistance ratings. Earlier Pixel had IP58 ratings which was not water resistant which made  to go for other phones that was water resistant at the same price. So now, it is expected that Pixel 2 will be water resistant


Release Date:

The official date for the release of Google Pixel 2 is not yet out. As Pixel was launched in October last year so Pixel 2 is also expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of 2017. One can say that save your money for the biggest smartphone of the year till it gets launched. There is still time of few months for the phone to be launched so you can start saving money for it .

Expected Specifations:

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