Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5 You Might Not Be Knowing

All of the main selling points of Samsung Galaxy S5: its water and dust resistance, built-in heart rate monitor, and camera have been magisterially pimped in advertisements, but we have some key points which you might don’t know about the Galaxy S5. These are given below:


Nine Less-Known Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Galaxy S5 Kids Mode – It features a cute design, simplified that is simpler for kids to navigate, particular applications that you may download only for children, application allowance that you can set a time limit for how long they should utilize the Smartphone.

2. Galaxy S5 Privacy Mode – User can hide certain pictures or documents that become readily with specific unlock pattern. To hide certain pictures or documents, only go-to phone settings, choose which file(s) you want safe, and then enter a particular pin code or unlock pattern. When anyone or you else unlock your personal Smartphone, the individual would not have reach to the file(s) thus the person will not be able to see those files unless that special pin code or unlock pattern has been correctly entered.

3. Virtual Tour Shot, Mode and More – Now, The camera of this phone enables user to create .gif like images that assist user to develop a “virtual tour”. You take various pictures of unique areas to mix a type of “tour” to show your family and friends.


4. Improved Touch Sensitivity, a Pencil can write on this phone – The screen of this Smartphone is very susceptible to touch that user can use a pencil to write on this phone. All of you should do to dig into the settings o menu and boost the phone’s touch sensitivity. This is a unique feature in this phone.

5. Access Camera on the Lock Screen – User can begin using the camera of this Smartphone by swiping the icon of camera to the side. This specific feature is available on other android too and this feature is also on the Samsung S5.

6. Check Callers Information while chatting or talking over Phone – User can check the caller information while he already talking on the device. Therefore, any communication you’ve had with other people, whatever information you have saved on the device can be expressed at any period of time without being insisted to hang up.

7. Toolbox Small sidebar showing your favorite Applications – User can utilize the Toolbox feature to make a sidebar that shows your favorite Applications when you hold and press the white icon that fly around across home-screen’s pages.
8. Priority Sender – User of Samsung Galaxy s5 can set their initial contacts with “Priority Senders”.


9. Call Notification Pop-ups – This feature of this Smartphone is not actually a big deal. You can receive Call Notification Pop-ups while you’re using any other apps, without exit the same application. This is very good feature in this smartphone.

So, these are the nine great features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that many people might don’t know about these features.