Paranoid Android 7.2 Review: One of the Best Custom ROM

In today’s world, an ever-increasing amount of developers are driving the creation of new software to empower Android phones. Custom ROMs have always been a great way for Android users to benefit from the latest Android features even if their OEM hasn’t pushed out software for their specific device. Paranoid Android has been a substantial contributor to the world of Custom ROMs. After being quite inactive for a long time, the time as AOSPA has finally made a comeback with Paranoid Android. Paranoid Android 7.2. is said to be one of the most stable and feature-packed releases of this ROM. Here is the full review of Paranoid Android 7.2.


Installation Process

The installation process is quite similar to the steps for installing other ROMs. One just has to flash Pico or Nano GApps because the ROM is quite unstable with the other versions. On booting up, we see the Paranoid Android boot animation which ends with a short jingle. The bootup time at first is quite long as seen when flashing most ROMs. However, one must note that Paranoid Android potentially has the fastest boot-up times compared to other custom ROMs thanks to its lightness.


While some may consider AOSPA as a ROM with not too many features, I tend to disagree. The ROM may lack some inbuilt customization features but by no means is it inadequate in terms of them. While Resurrection Remix has way more features than Paranoid Android, it also has its set of unique features. Pocket lock detection, pie controls, immersive mode, inbuilt theme engine, system-wide Substratum support are just to name a few.

These features are completely unique to the ROM which I enjoy using. My favorite feature is the immersive mode which gives me full-screen real estate. Thus, AOSPA may be insufficient in a feature in terms of other ROMs, but by no means does it lack features.

Performance and Battery Life

The performance on the ROM is mediocre. The phone may lag a bit at low battery levels. When the phone drops below 15%, the status bar and the recent apps tab becomes unresponsive. A simple restart fixes this issue easily. Coming to the battery life, it is mediocre as well. The phone manages to get 4-5 hours of SOT on the daily.

However, this is nothing compared to the almost double SOTs on MiUI and 6-7 hour SOTs on LineageOS 14 and Resurrection Remix. In contrast, the charging times are dramatically less. The phone manages to fully charge within 1.5 hours compared to the 3 hours taken on the stock ROM.


To sum it all up, AOSPA is an excellent choice for those who like to enjoy a unique set of features that it offers. However, customization hungry people and those who like to consume lots of media on their phone might not like this Custom ROM. From my perspective, it’s the perfect ROM as it fulfills all my needs. So, if you’re like me and happen to flash this ROM, you’ll have a hard time coming back.