Benefits And Purpose Behind Rooting Your Android Smartphone

Though the Android Operating System is an Open Source, it doesn’t allow the user to have a complete control over the device. That’s why a concept called Android Rooting came into the World. I hope you all know what Android Rooting mean? Do You Know Purpose behind rooting? If not then I am describing in simple words, “Android Rooting is the process of gaining administrative permissions and becoming a Super User of the Android Operating System which allows to modify or delete the system files to perform various tweaks and use specialized application.”


But have you ever thought what is the purpose behind Android Rooting? No! Because we follow a trend “my friend has done Android Rotting, I will also do it”, have you ever asked your friend why he has done Android Rooting? Same answer No!.  So, today in this article I am mentioning the purpose behind Android Rooting.

The purpose behind Android Rooting is as follows :

1. Latest Updates of Android OS

Technology is emerging so fast that we can’t wait to use it. The essential purpose behind Android Rooting is to get new updates before the official release of the Android OS from the manufacturer. Earlier, when Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) came into existence, manufacturer promised that in a few months all their specific devices get the updates to the latest version of the Android OS. But they failed to do so because when they are releasing updates of ICS, another version of Android released called Jelly Bean. So, we have to wait for a long time to use the latest technology.
By Rooting your device, you can install the latest updates of the Android OS very easily and use it before the official release as well as Rooting provides the ability to install Custom ROMs (based on Android OS), which is unofficial developed by other developers.

2. Boost real time Performance

When we click on “Menu” button and have to wait for a few seconds then it feels like something is killing inside or when we have to wait for the virtual keyboard to open up. It means performance is lacking in the device. But Rooting gives the ability to overclock its processor to increase RAM and performance. It means you can increase the clock speed of a 1GHz processor to 1.6GHz (up to some extent), which will bump the processing speed and gives faster performance.

3. Extra Applications (Root-only Apps)

Rooting provides ability to install a plethora of extra applications, which will seriously add to the performance and utility to your device. I have mentioned some well-known and notable applications as below. Take a note you will able to install all this application after rooting your device only.


Apart from these, there are many other applications are available.

There are many more purposes behind Android Rooting but all above-listed purposes are the most essential from all. So, start Rooting your Android devices and feel the new experience.