Do You Use Google Now Voice Commands ? [ Monday Poll ]

Again We are here with another Monday poll. In last week the Google Search i.e. Google Now has got an update and now it allow us to use multiple voice commands and give us the perfect results. Google Now helps to get quickest update about date, time, temperature, flight status, sports , news, Maths questions and many more which we cant stop counting.


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” The right information at just the right time ” – That’s what the Google Now Says and do it. The Google Search is really changing is its algorithm with a high speed of about 2 -3 updates per day. This all updates aim to improvise the user search experience.

We have recently published an article on INFOGRAPHIC AND VIDEO OF 50 GOOGLE NOW VOICE COMMANDS LIST

. So the Monday poll question is also based on the Google Now Voice Commands. And the Monday Poll Question is – \” Do You Use Google Now Voice Commands ? \”

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