Zomato Market Launched for Zomato Grocery Delivery in Selected Cities

The threat of the coronavirus is increasing day by day. In India, the Prime Minister has announced the lockdown for 21 days. The citizens are not allowed to roam on the streets or go out. They are only allowed to go out to buy daily necessities products or for medical help. But going out for buying things is also a risk. To avoid such a gathering of people, the biggest food delivery startup in India has come up with the Zomato market where Zomato Grocery delivery will be provided.


The Zomato Market service is now live on the Zomato app to provide the Grocery Delivery Service. The company is ensuring the contactless delivery as having contact may not be helpful. It is completely following all the safety and precautionary measures as mentioned by the World Health Organization. Zomato Grocery Deliver through Zomato Market have been started only in the South Delhi regions.

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Many of the retail and grocery shops are shut down in the country and some are open for a short period of time. This situation has given an instant rise to the demand for online grocery delivery. But these delivery services need to ensure that they practice complete safety in making and delivering the necessities.

As all the restaurants are also closed down for dining, Zomato is promisingly working hard to provide food delivery through their app. The startup is continuously making efforts to make sure their customers are getting delicious food from their favorite restaurants.

How to get Zomato Grocery Delivery?

The process is very simple. It is similar to how you order food online. First, you need to open the app and go to the Zomato Market service page. Select the Grocery shop from where you want to order. Select the item and the quantity. Once you are done with the selection of food items and quantity, you will be headed to the payment and delivery page. The complete invoice will be shown. If you have any kind of promo code to apply you can enter it over here. If you want to give any kind of instruction then you can also give it over here. You need to mention your address for delivery and the next step is payment. Select the mode of payment you prefer and hence your order will be placed.



The Zomato Grocery Delivery service is not yet rolled out everywhere. Zomato Market will be launched in the remaining part of the country as well but it will take time as India is a very big country and it takes time to make such service practical. You just need to check the app regularly. As soon as the service will be available in your area you will get to know through the app.