YouTube Kids to Get Whitelisted Version That Shows Only Curated Content

Google’s own YouTube kids app was created with the aim to provide a safe and family-friendly version of its video streaming app for younger children. Despite offering a parental control feature and video filters, the algorithm integrated in YouTube kids app still isn’t accurate and as such, doesn’t know what’s going on in the world. When you hand your 6 years old the “keys” to your iPad and he/she decides to access YT kids to look for a good Disney cartoon to watch, YouTube may recommend outright twisted videos that where algorithmically generated and may be filled with ‘bizarre’ contents uploaded by junks. Once this happens, you’ll instantly realize that the original YouTube kids app wasn’t whitelisted.


While the safe way to use YouTube with kids may seem to be by downloading the videos offline, you still can’t restrict them from accessing YouTube directly when you aren’t at home. YouTube knowing fully well that its algorithm has failed, seems to be rethinking its approach. You may have heard that contents tagged inappropriately has been slipping through the cracks of YouTube kids filters, and due to the public relations that have been going on recently, YouTube is reportedly planning to release a new version of the YouTube kids app which won’t rely on computer algorithm but instead will contain videos specially handpicked by a team of curators at YouTube.

In other words, contents uploaded within the upcoming YouTube kids app will have to be reviewed, certified safe and manually approved by a human being instead of a computer algorithm. This technique will specifically ensure that the YT kids won’t promote garbage or uneducated contents. According to a report from Buzzfeed News, the new version of YouTube kids app may arrive in the coming weeks, relieving parents the stress of sitting beside their children while they watch videos to avoid straying to the darker corner of the web.

When Buzzed tried to ascertain about the new development of the YouTube kids app, the company didn’t deny their plans, but instead said that they are always working to update and improve YouTube kids, but won’t comment on rumors or speculation. For concerned parents, the idea of releasing a safer version of YouTube kids app with human-curated contents is completely appreciated and they will have the choice to choose between the two versions.