YouTube Go no longer in beta, available in India

Earlier in the month of April, Google has announced the beta version of an app called Youtube Go in India. Youtube Go is a video-centric application which is just similar to Youtube. This app works even if you have no internet access or very low data speed. Youtube Go is mainly introduced for developing countries, and for people who have limited access towards the internet. This app is a smaller version of Youtube that allows you to watch a video, share or download them even with slow or no internet connection.


Youtube Go app beta version was available in India. According to some reports, this app is out of beta and is available for everyone. It seems this app is rolling out in a stable form. If you want to receive the final version of the app then you may have to wait for some more time.

If you are an Android user, you can find Youtube Go app on Google Play Store. This app is available in an unstable manner and also, below the app mentioned that it is an unreleased version, the stable version will roll out soon. However, you can still download and install this unstable version of this app on your Android devices.

Highlights of the YouTube Go app:

  • It is made to work with less storage and slow speeds.
  • You can download videos to your phone or SD card.
  • Having an option to preview videos before you download or watch.
  • You can share videos using Bluetooth.
  • It controls your data and storage.

Youtube Go allows you to watch videos without buffering even if you have a very bad internet connection. You can watch videos from anywhere and at any time for as many time as you want with no extra cost for data.

With this app, you can download videos from Youtube and save it on your phone or SD card. Even you can share offline Youtube videos with your friends via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. All this process can happen even if you have a slow internet connection. Also getting an option to preview videos before download or watch. You can choose how many MBs you want to use on videos.

The size of the app is just 9.4MB and can be installed on any Android device with version 4.1 Jellybean and above. Using this app, you can track the data usage and storage of your device. You can download this app from Google Play Store. Do try this app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.