You Can Now Assign Reminders to Your Family via Google Assistant


Google Assistant is getting a continuous upgrade with new features which will be much helpful for Android users. Recently Google assistant updated with the new feature which will allow the user to assign reminders to their family members. This feature is called assignable reminders, this is the best function for collaborating with family and friends to stay organized whenever you like. Once you have added the members to your family group in Google assistant, then you can easily send and receive reminders between those users instantly. 

Even the users who are having the link account with smart speaker display will also get added to the feature. Although it is mandatory for the users to be in the Google contact in order to send and receive reminders. This feature is also having a privacy feature which will allow the user to block any contact from sending them a reminder in Google assistant. In order to use this feature, you need to go to the settings of the Google assistant and enable the assignable reminders. 

You can also use the hey Google feature in order to send and receive reminders by using the remind command. For example, you can say that “Hey Google, remind Clark to bring groceries at 4:00 p.m.”. This feature is also location-based so the reminder will also get scheduled once the recipient reaches the particular location.

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