Xiaomi Joins to Reduce Plastic by 60% in its Packaging

Xiaomi is using cardboard instead of plastic for revamping the packing of it’s new affordable flagship MI 10T Lite. This initiative taken by Xiaomi could result in 60% cut in plastic used without the need to eliminate charger or case from the box. Xiaomi has taken another step at reminding people the decision Apple took while launching its Apple 12 series.

Credit: Xiaomi

It is widely reported that Apple has decided to not include charger with their iPhones as it could result in reducing reducing its carbon footprint which can also make their retail boxes lighter fro transportation. Apple will continue to sell chargers separately and include a USB Type-C to Lightning cable with the iPhone 12 series. The company will also remove the charger from the older iPhone models.

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The official twitter account of Xiaomi has taken a nab at Apple’s initiative and joined in this movement to reduce plastic by 60%. The company has switched its packaging to cardboard for its new flagship smartphone, MI 10T Lite for its European Market. The box will still include a silicone case, charger, USB cable and its usual accessories that comes with a Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi MI 10T lite is already on sale on the Eurozone with multiple variants and multiple colors. Grab your horns because MI 10T lite will start selling in the UK from October 26.


We hope that most of the smartphone brands take an initiative in reducing carbon emissions and take a part in this movement as it could be highly beneficial for the world.