World’s First Grippity Transparent Tablet With Multi Side Touch Panel

The technology is evolving at a great speed, Everything has been modified in some way or the other and a better way to get that work done is invited. Similarly the team lead by Jacob Eichbaum have change the way we type by their very first product Grippity 1 way back in the year 2010. But this was not just the end , The Grippty 1 team worked hard and made a brand new product “Grippity Transparent Tablet” which aims to be the first transparent tablet of the world.


Grippity is currently a project over at Kickstarter that aims to become the world’s first transparent Android tablet. The Grippity have 123 backers and $22,283 pledged of $199,000 goal till today and it have more 29 days to go. The Grippity Kickstarter discription says that – “Grippity is a totally new way of looking at input – A transparent, dual sided multi-touch display that enables you to lean back in your most comfortable chair (or even stand or lie down) and use ALL TEN fingers, while keeping your palms at a neutral ergonomic posture. It also enables you to accurately touch (the back of) small menu items and buttons on websites and software that were originally designed for desktops. As Grippity is running Android, you can download or develop apps for your specific needs.”

The Grippity Transparent Tablet is made up of the following components :

  • Li-io Battery ,
  • Android Tablet Board
  • Transparent display and capacitive touch
  • Charging cradle
  • Front Cover
  • Capacitive multi touch panel USB interface
  • Main frame
  • Back finger’s lighting LED


Technical Specifications

The Grippity transperent tablet have a Semi-Transparent 7″ LCD display with a resolution of 800px X480px. It have Upper 25% non-transparent portion for thumbs input.It also consist of Back sided capacitive multi-touch panel which is another great feature of this tablet.The Front sided capacitive multi-touch panel is availabe with extended programmable touch area. This grippity transparent tablet runs on android version 4.2 and might be able to upgrade to 4.4 if possible. This Tablet have ARM processor – Cortex A8 512K RAM. The specification is not over yet, It also consist a IR transmitter to control TV’s and DVD’s.


Video :

This Grippity transparent tablet is able to change the way people type on their mobile devices, this device promote to use all the fingers to type rather than using only thumbs. Grippity can be used not just as a tablet, but also like a remote control, game controller, and media center keyboard. Since there is a long way to go for the Grippity transparent tablet to raise fund at Kickstarter, we at Above Android wish that this project reach the $199,000 goal. Last but not the least – Merry Christmas to all Above Android readers