Wireless Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

Bluetooth slide-out keyboard cases for your Samsung galaxy S4 provide you with whole new experience of using your qwerty keyboard on a touch screen android device. This product actually  adds perk to your experience, yeah it can be the best for those who love physical keyboard rather than touch-pad. Simply move your phone in case, connect via Bluetooth and you got fully functional keyboard, enjoy using. White and black are the only color available right now at price $30.95 



The best part we love about this unique gadget : (Features)

Adjustable Design : Yeah you can easily adjust as per you need, One is  typing mode is the normal way how keyboard looks, Second is something unique, move your phone 0 – 90 degree generally used for watching videos, movies or even games.

Detachable hard shell case:   Remove keyboard and just use it as a  case, to protect your device, attach it again when in need

Backlit Keyboard : This feature enables you to type even in dark.  LED back light makes more easier to use keyboard in night or in dark.

Specialized keys : Sliding keyboard comes with some specialized keys, that we may use frequently i.e  Home, Search, Play/Pause Buttons, this make it more user friendly.

Alright, lets move to the specs of this keyboard, it works on Bluetooth version 3.0. and 2 hrs of full charging can easily work for 8 hrs continuously. Size is about 5.46in x 2.87in x 0.86in , with Lithium Ion 280mAh battery . The standby time is about 45 days.  3 meters is the maximum transmit range. Finally operating voltage is  3.7.

This is an new and amazing gadget for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Users and you can purchase this gadget from Here : Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy S4