Why Whatsapp Status is Reduced to 15 Second Limit?

Due to the crisis of Coronavirus, India has been completely lockdown for 21 days till 14th April. Everyone is advised to stay safe at home and work from home. This greatly encouraged the usage of the internet. The high usage of the internet is bringing massive load on the servers of various applications and websites. As a result, the companies have started to bring out a solution to the extra load problem


Whatsapp Status Reduced to 15 Second Limit

Whatsapp has decided to roll out a new feature that will restrict the users to upload long video statuses. The company has announced that the users will be longer able to send videos as Whatsapp status if they are of more than 15 seconds.

The Whatsapp status has been reduced to a 15-sec time limit because the long statuses used to bring a very high amount of load on the servers. So, in order to reduce the burden on the servers, this decision has been taken by the company. This decision is currently applicable in India only. It just an initiative to reduce the consumption of the internet.

Because of the affected cases increasing daily, the Government has declared work from home 10 days before. Earlier, YouTube had reduced the streaming quality of popular OTT content providers. They reduced the video quality from High Definition to Standard Definition. Companies like Microsoft and Sony have also announced that they will be reducing all gaming downloads during peak hours to reduce the burden on the servers.


Nowadays, Internet is the most preferred form of entertainment, the consumption of the Internet has increased massively as people have nothing else to do in this quarantine period.