5 Reasons why Galaxy Fold is not Worth Buying

One of the latest technological advancement on smartphones is made by Samsung with their new Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung was researching on this technology for years before unveiling the latest technology on foldable Smartphones. But believe us the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not Worth Buying.


As rumors were rising on the internet once the South Korean giant Samsung started working on flexible display in the year 2016. Long research of the Samsung finally in 2019 they have unveiled the Samsung first foldable smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Although Samsung has made creative Photon banking new technology to the world in this article will talk about is this smartphone really worthy to be one of the best smartphones in the market. In reality and practically Samsung Galaxy fold is a big failure and in this article, we have listed down top 5 reasons for not buying the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Top Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Fold is not Worth Buying:

We have listed down the best reasons for not buying the Samsung Galaxy fold smartphone.

1. The device is not Foldable:

This device, in reality, is bendable and not foldable. After the device is folded it turns into a triangular shape tablet instead of flat fold. As Samsung Galaxy fold is best to be called bendable smartphone because it is having a gap of the two parts of the display of around 10mm and it stays around 10 degrees away from the flat surface of the smartphone.

2. No Actual Classification:

Due to screen size and the measurement of the smartphone is neither classified as a Smartphone or tablet. the main reason for this classification is because this device does not give you the full smartphone experience or the tablet experience.

3. UI Problem:

The swapping of the transformation from the main screen to the auxiliary screen is working pretty great in the device. The Samsung has done a good job in making this feature flawless but the UI needs to be developed for better user experience.

4. Expensive Price Tag:

the most negative thing about the Samsung Galaxy fold is that it is priced around ₹1,50,000 ($1980) and it is too expensive for a new and inexperienced device like this. In this price range, we can easily go for laptop and other smart devices for fulfilling our purpose.


5. Thickness:

Samsung Galaxy fold is a thick device when it is folded and it looks like 2 smartphone device save stacked together. As due to the massive thickness, it is hard to carry around in your pockets instead you can go for a good smartphone with your budget and fulfill the purpose of your need.