The WHO Joins TikTok to Teach Teens About Coronavirus

Recently, the World Health Organization(WHO) got on TikTok to spread awareness about the pandemic Coronavirus. The WHO is trying its best to make people informed about the virus. The apparent move from the WHO has come in order to broadcast accurate information abut COVID-19 as fear for the pandemic is rising day by day.

“We are joining @tiktok to provide you with reliable and timely public health advice, Our first post: How to protect yourself from the #coronavirus,” WHO wrote in the description of its first video. In their first video, Benedetta Allegranzi, technical lead of infection prevention and control, described people about various measures that can be taken to protect themselves from getting infected from the novel coronavirus.



We are joining @tiktok to provide you with reliable and timely public health advice! Our first post: How to protect yourself from ##coronavirus ?

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The WHO opened up its TikTok account with a video on Friday about what coronavirus is and the second video was posted on Saturday about when and how to wear a mask. The motive behind opening a TikTok was so successful that the account managed to gain 162,000 followers and 1.2 million likes.

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In the second video, the organization explained when and why people should wear face masks. “If you do not have respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, or runny nose, you do not need to wear a medical mask. Masks should only be used by health workers, caretakers, and by people with those symptoms,” text in the video said.


When & how should masks be worn in order to protect against the new ##coronavirus ?

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WHO is also posting content across all other social media platforms in order to spread more knowledge about coronavirus. The WHO’s Instagram presence is filled with infographics outlining how people can protect themselves from the virus.

The threat of the virus has reached up to a great extent. It has become very much important to take proper care of oneself and it is also necessary to spread correct information about how to protect yourself from getting infected from the virus.