WhatsApp’s Fingerprint Unlock Feature Arrives on Android in Latest Beta

WhatsApp introduced fingerprint lock feature for Android WhatsApp beta users. Previously it was available for iOS users. WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature is available in the Android beta version 2.19.221. By default, it is disabled, in order to enable it you need to go to the settings > account > privacy on your Android device. This feature will definitely allow users to add an extra layer of security to their messaging app. 


Apart from that the fingerprint lock settings are also having ‘show content in notifications’ option, it will allow you to hide or show messages and the preview when the fingerprint is enabled. In case you are using the same Android beta version in your device, and haven’t received this feature then you need to try this method. First, you need to back up the chat history on your device and reinstall the same WhatsApp version by using the APK from Android APK website

You need to keep in mind that this feature request to have the phone running on Android 7.0 marshmallow or above operating system. And definitely, your device needs to have a fingerprint scanner in order to access this feature in your Android device. After you have enabled the fingerprint lock feature in your Android device, you need to use the fingerprint authentication for accessing your WhatsApp. 

There are three options which are available on the automatically lock section, you can choose between immediately, after 1 minute and after 30 minutes. Select the option which is preferable to you, but it is recommended to use the option immediately which will require fingerprint authentication each time you want to accept the app. You want to use the WhatsApp beta app, then you need to register to the beta program of the Google Play