WhatsApp Update: Shopping Now Easier With New Button

WhatsApp is coming out with new updates very frequently. Now it has updated a new feature which will make easy for the businesses to make their brand visible and make shopping easy in the application. WhatsApp has started rolling out shopping button to make shopping easy on WhatsApp.


It is one of the widely used messaging apps in India. It had recently announced that it is going to charge businesses for some of the services available on the application. Now that the shopping button is live, it will allow users to buy a product or service, whatever the business is offering and let them add to cart and make a payment within WhatsApp. This feature is going to help a lot of business and with WhatsApp Pay coming into the scene it is going to be easier than ever.

WhatsApp Shopping

“We’re rolling out a new shopping button on WhatsApp to make it easier for people to discover a business’ catalogue so they know what goods or services it offers. Previously, people had to click into the business’ profile to see if the business had a catalogue. Now, when a person sees the shopping button, which looks like a storefront icon, they will immediately know the business has a catalogue so they can browse products and start a conversation about an item they see with just one tap. This will make it easier for businesses to have their products discovered which can help increase sales,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

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The new button for shopping will replace the calling button which was available earlier and is going to be rolled out globally. If a user wished to use the call button then there is a call button available where you will have two options to choose from that are voice call or video call. Recently WhatsApp also launched the storage management tool which makes easier to manage storage and disappearing message.

How to Shop on WhatsApp?

The shopping button on WhatsApp will let users browse through the services or products the business is offering and you can then select the product, add that product to the cart and checkout the application itself. If you want to explore the products, you will require the number of the business and go to the contact details then you can start looking at the products and services they offer. It is going to be a seamless and unique experience of shopping than the other traditional ways.