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WhatsApp Text Formatting Update Roles Out For Android

WhatsApp Text Formatting Update Roles Out For Android

by Abhishek VoheraApril 5, 2016

WhatsApp is now rolling out its text formatting feature for Android Users. This new text formatting feature include options like bold, italics , strikethrough and combinations of any two or all.

This update was rolled out for beta users in mid March and for all just few days back. User can do this text formatting on the desktop/web version of the WhatsApp too. So quickly update your WhatsApp Messenger application to any version from v2.12.535 and above from Google Play Store and start impressing others.

whatsapp text formatting

In the year 2016, WhatsApp have rolled out many amazing updates which include document sharing option, store photos with various services, few changes in User Interface, addition in emoji and many other things. We at Above Android also expects that it should also roll out color formatting options soon or later.

How to Use Text Formatting in WhatsApp for Android

For bold text, use the asterisk symbol (*)
Eg. *Above Android* = Above Android

For italicized text, use the underscore instead (_)
Eg. _Above Android_ = Above Android

For strikethrough text, use the tilde symbol (~)
Eg. ~Above Android~ = Above Android

You can also use combination of any two or all three together.
Eg. _*Above Android*_ = Above Android

WhatsApp Stats

Few months ago, WhatsApp officials told that they have 1 Billion monthly active users on their platform and 42 Billion messages are sent per day. About 1.6 Billion photos are shared per day and about 250 Million videos are shared per day. WhatsApp have 1 Billion total groups, 53 Language Support and all this is handled by only 57 Engineers. Cheers WhatsApp Team.

For more update on WhatsApp Messenger and its features keep visiting Above Android. Please let us know your thoughts on this feature update of WhatsApp text formatting in the below comment box.

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