WhatsApp Starts Displaying a Label for Forwarded Messages



  • WhatsApp is rolling Forwarded Label for Android.
  • The forwarded feature is available on the latest version of WhatsApp Beta.
  • Users have no options to disable this feature.


WhatsApp started rolling new Forwarded feature which starts labeling your messages that you forward to your contacts. However, the Forwarded feature makes easier to distinguish between the normal and forwarded messages. For now, the feature is only available in a beta version of WhatsApp. But this feature will soon roll out the stable version for Android.

The Forwarded feature is available on latest beta version 2.18.179 of WhatsApp. As per the NDTV report, WhatsApp is testing this feature from past few months, but today WhatsApp rolls out this feature with the latest beta version for Android. Moreover, the Forwarded label will be added on both recipients and senders sides. This feature was started rolling just after the Media Visibility feature which allows users to hide or show WhatsApp media content on their gallery.

To see how this Forwarded feature works, you just need to select and forward one of the messages to someone in your contact list or a group. Now you will see Forwarded label will appear on the top right corner of the forwarded messages. Just to inform you, there is no option to disable this forwarded label. That means you won’t be able to remove the Forwarded label from any of messages.

For some users, this feature will be annoying because it let others know that you’re forwarding messages. Also, this feature will reduce the circulation of forwarded or spam messages. The label on the forwarded message was first spotted in February as “Forwarded Message.”

As the Forwarded feature is available for beta users. So you can try this feature by downloading the WhatsApp beta version on your Android device. WhatsApp beta is available for download through Google Play beta program or can direct download file via APK Mirror.

What do you think about WhatsApp’s Forwarded feature? If you already using WhatsApp beta then do try this feature and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.