WhatsApp Now Limits Users to Make 20 UPI Payments Per Day

As we all know WhatsApp has launched its Payments Service for some beta users. But with WhatsApp’s payment service, users can make 20 UPI payments per day. That means one can transfer money up to 20 times to different IDs or to a single ID. Also, the maximum amount which can transfer in a day is Rs 1,00,000, this is the limitation set by Government of India itself.


The company didn’t reveal the complete details about the new payment feature, but it keeps on increasing the user interface. However, there is no official statement for the limitation of UPI payments. Even the company doesn’t have any written blog post about the WhatsApp’s payment feature because the company is still testing this feature.

With Payment feature, users can transfer up to Rs. 1 lakh on WhatsApp but only in 20 transactions. As WhatsApp has over 200 million active users in India. Once the feature starts rolling for all users then it will be the top UPI payment platform available in the country. Currently, Paytm is the biggest UPI payment service in India, when it comes to digital payment platform. The other application such as Hike, Truecaller, have already implemented this service on their platform.

However, WhatsApp is currently in the process of improving the service. The company says, once the testing is complete, the payment feature will roll for all Android users in India. While testing process, WhatsApp recently updated its service with a new ‘Send to UPI ID’ feature. With this update, users can send payment to unique UPI IDs and also to the registered contacts.

Earlier when the service was launched WhatsApp allows users to send payment to specific contact who register using the payment service of WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp has the best and simple UPI integration platform. The WhatsApp will follow all the rules set by NPCI and soon released this feature for every WhatsApp users. Do try this feature and share your experience in our comment section below.