WhatsApp Now Lets You Mute Chat Alerts Forever

WhatsApp has now enabled an option to mute a chat forever in their new update. This feature was tested out in the beta version for quite some time and now it is rolling out in a stable build. Whatsapp took it to Twitter to share an image of this new update on the iPhone where this feature is available next to 8 weeks and 1 week. This feature will enable users to mute a chat or group chat forever. So goodbye to all the unwanted chats you didn’t want to be a part of.


The ‘always’ option has replaced the ‘1-year’ option that was previously available in the setting. The feature is now available on Android, iOS as well as the web client.

It is known that WhatsApp is currently testing calling and video calling functionality on its desktop and web clients. For more information, we have an article which will show you a sneak peek of calling and video calling functionality on desktop and web clients.

Steps to mute chat alerts forever:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Choose the chat you want to mute and open it
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  4. Select the menu button and you will see three options available
  5. Select ‘Always’ from those options and the chat will be muted forever

If you want to unmute the chat follow the same instructions and the mute option will be replaced with unmute.

This month earlier, ‘always’ mute feature was introduced in the beta version along with few new features. The beta version also got a new feature for Storage usage UI and media guidelines that will allow users to align stickers and text while editing images, videos, and gifs.