WhatsApp Messenger Might Have Dark Mode Soon

The most common problem which every person faces is the brightness of the cell phone while texting either at midnight or early in the morning. To fix this, numerous apps have introduced Dark Mode or Night Mode, a setting that converts icons, menus, and backgrounds to darker colors.


Recently, WABetaInfo has tweeted that WhatsApp has hidden secret details of the new Dark Mode feature within its code. The site has a powerful chronicle for WhatsApp leaks, often excavation into the app’s code to uncover new options. Of course, this Dark Mode feature will somewhere stop your eyes from being strained. You will feel the truly different experience from the present one. But Dark Mode could be a good way to not be blind by the brightness of a screen. WhatsApp would not be the primary to feature this sort of feature – rival apps like Twitter, Feedly, Wikipedia, Speedtest by Ookla and Instagram gives similar settings.

Dark Mode has another massive advantage, however: it will improve your phone’s battery life too. Some Apple smartphones – just like the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS grievous bodily harm – have OLED screens. Previously, liquid crystal display screens is well-lighted by a mostly junction rectifier backlight. But with OLED screens, the pixels are turned on or off severally, with no want for a backlight. That means one thing is black on the screen; it’s attainable to show that by merely turning pixels off. That, in return, suggests that your screen can drain less of your battery’s charge. So, if WhatsApp will get associate OLED-supported Dark Mode, then you can enjoy this feature soon.

Perhaps a lot of excitingly, Facebook-owned WhatsApp might set the trend for a lot of Mark Zuckerberg’s apps to induce a Dark Mode. That could mean in some unspecified time in the future we can also enjoy the Dark Mode on Facebook, Messenger, and probably even Instagram.


But the bad news is – there is no guarantee WhatsApp can truly roll out a Dark Mode. Even if WhatsApp is testing the feature, it should never build it to the live version of the app.