WhatsApp Introduces New Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp recently teased its new feature of disappearing messages and its not even a week and we have already got our eyes on new feature i.e. New Storage Management Tool. This new feature will allow users to easily manage their storage and notify them when their storage is full. This will make them easily delete junk files, photos or videos from their phone within the app.


If you are fac ing storage full problem then this feature will come handy to you as the new storage management tool is live and makes easier to delete junk data from WhatsApp.


What do you need to enable the New Storage Management Tool?

You need to check that your WhatsApp version is up to date, if not then open Google Play store and search for WhatsApp then update your application version to the latest update. You also need an internet connection to delete junk files from the application.

How to use the New Storage Management Tool on WhatsApp?

  1. From the app drawer open WhatsApp
  2. Open Settings
  3. You will see Storage and Data option, select it.
  4. Now select Manage Storage from the list of options.

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The feature to manage storage in WhatsApp is categorized in three parts, Storage bar which shows a small graphical representation of how much data is occupied from total storage, Review and delete part which is again divided into two segments – Forwarded many times and Larger than 5 MB where you can easily delete forwarded messages that you do not want and delete files that are larger than 5MB. The third part of this feature is Chats which will show you all media files that are available in a particular chat or group. It is also sorted by which group or chat occupies the most storage in WhatsApp.

As we all know that whenever a media file is forwarded, WhatsApp creates a copy of it on the smartphone so with this feature its going to make the procedure easy and less time consuming.