WhatsApp Finally Adds Call Waiting Support on Android

Popular Instant Messaging app turned to VOIP app, WhatsApp has received a new update and this has very much importance to all the WhatsApp VOIP Call users. From now onwards, a WhatsApp user will get a notification about the upcoming Voice Call and will also get an option to decline the new call or terminate the existing and accept the new call.


Call Waiting support in Android is very new and only a few VOIP apps have this feature. Earlier there was no system to know about any new upcoming call, the dialer doesn’t get any information about it. But later they started giving small notice for callers, telling them their recipient is already on another call.

After the new WhatsApp Update, If you get a second call when you’re talking to someone, your phone will ring and you’ll see the notification. You can either decline this second call and continue the first one or terminate the current call and accept the incoming one. It’s easy to press that green button, but make sure that the active call will be immediately terminated and the person you were talking to will think you’ve hung up on them if you don’t warn them before.

The feature of Call Waiting was first introduced in the iOS version of Whatsapp and now it is available for the Android users. The feature is available for Android users through the latest version of Whatsapp which is 2.19.352. Through this latest version, if the user is already on a WhatsApp call, he will be able to see if there is a new call coming on his WhatsApp number. The user can then either reject the new call or even accept the call but the user won’t be allowed to put the ongoing call on hold.

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Sadly, there’s no call holding option as of now, so you can’t make either caller wait while you finish with the other person. We expect that WhatsApp will bring this new feature of call holding very soon for its users. So in order to use this new feature, update or download the latest version of Whatsapp.