What Is Google Glass And Where It Is Heading?

Google Glass was introduced by Google with the basic objective of creating a mass-market ubiquitous computer. It has optical head mounted display and it is also known as a wearable computer. It shows data in a Smartphone format. Google Glass was developed by Google X, the facility within Google devoted to technological advancements such as driverless cars.


Features Of Google Glass

Camera: This wearable gadget has the ability to record 720p HD video and capture snaps.

Touchpad: It has touchpad which is situated on the side of it, enabling people to manage the device by using a timeline-like user and graphic interface displayed on the screen of this glass. Sliding forward displays past events like circle updates, photos, phone calls etc. Sliding backward displays present event like weather. The Explorer version of it utilizes a LED illuminated display, field-sequential color, Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS).

Although, Wearable gadget is still presently a developer’s toy, which has the period of time to wait until it results in being an item for the masses. So we did a bit searching, and searched few things you can assume from this Google Glass. Those few things are given below:

1. Always On Call
With this high tech eye wearable users can record videos; as well as this glass can also act as a webcam with the data connection from your Smartphone or home. If users would like to do a group conference, then they can use Google Hangout. The input voice characteristic also enables user to attach pictures and videos, identify text messages. User can transfer pictures and videos via their mobile data connection.

2. Tiny Hardware
It has some unique features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, Bluetooth, microphone, touchpad, a camera etc. User may notify by the prototype that the engineering and design team have done a good work cramping everything into the present design of Glass: a non-intrusive, wearable computer that doesn\’t take in the way of daily life.

3. OS Compatibility
According to this report, this Glass works not only with iPhone but also with the Android phones. It is dependent on the mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi to provide its features. When it is pair with the smart device, it will show social media network notifications and let you inform through the same channels as you would on the PC.

4. Heed My Command
This wearable gadget has voice input, which makes all the things interesting. The microphone assorted with Google Now links you directly to the search engine. You can record a video or take a photo, all by only saying the command for take a photo and record a video.

5. Life Pauses for No One
Apart from photos capture, you can do the same with videos, which spells chances for real-life tutorials, extreme sports etc. Obviously, the quality of picture arriving from a device this small cannot compare to a DSLR camera.

6. Never Get Lost Again
Google Glass has a GPS chip; it can help user to navigate, with the help from Google Maps. Presently, this Glass is only heading out for US residents.