Vivo iQOO Pro to be the Cheapest 5G Smartphone Yet

Vivo iQOO Pro to be the Cheapest 5G Smartphone Yet

5G devices will be the main line-up for smartphones. Currently, only a few smartphone brands have brought the 5G version of premium flagship devices in few smartphone markets. Those brands are Huawei, OnePlus and Samsung. Although premium 5G devices will be expensive in the future, for the same reason your companies are going to make affordable 5G phones. 

There are several companies such as Vivo and Realme, for going to produce 5G phones for the budget-friendly user base. Vivo is going to bring the cheapest 5G phone yet, they are coming up with Vivo iQOO Pro 5G. As per the vice president of Vivo, Feng Yufei stated that they will be launching this cheapest 5G smartphone device on August 22nd in China. 

Although there is no confirmation of the price range, even though the term ‘Cheapest’ is the main point advertisement. Although the device could be priced less than other 5G Devices, which could end up in the mid-range segment of the smartphone line-up.

Although party services are yet to roll out in India, so the uses of India do not need to get too excited for 5G phones yet. 5G services are expected to be deployed in the country from the beginning of next year.

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