Is Vivo Cheating Users with False V7 Plus Camera Specs?

Yes, You are reading it right. Just a few days back Vivo launched a new smartphone Vivo V7 Plus with amazing selfie camera of 24 MP. Everyone in the Smartphone Industry was stunned by such a great camera specs and price of the phone. But just after few days, there is lots of allegation coming up on Vivo regarding false specifications. Let us understand what the thing is and what we should expect from Vivo.


It is true and seen everywhere that Vivo is spending lots of money on marketing and trying to grab the market share of the smartphone industry in India. Not just on hoarding and banners but also on picking up great brand Ambassador to market products, huge money is invested. But is this money used to cheat buyers, we hope it’s not.

The specification of Vivo V7 Plus which is published on it website says that the phones come with 5.99-inch full-view display with 720×1440 pixels resolution. Vivo V7 Plus is built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Chipset and have 4GB of RAM with 64 GB of internal storage. It features a 3300mAh battery and has a super awesome 24 MP front camera and 16 MP rear camera.

The Real Story about Vivo V7 Plus!

Unfortunately, we came across few finding that will horrify you as we are. By going through the Press Release of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 we came to know the real story. The Press Release says this about camera support :

The Snapdragon 450 is the first in the 400-tier to support real-time Bokeh (Live Bokeh) effects. It is also designed to improve on previous generations by including support for enhanced dual camera at 13+13MP, or single camera support up to 21MP; hybrid autofocus; and 1080p video capture and playback at up to 60fps, enabling slow motion capture.

This is the real truth, the Snapdragon 450 can support only up to 21MP on a single camera. Then how it has whopping 24 MP front camera. Not just this much, while exploring more we found that the CPU X : System & Hardware info Android App shows even worst specs.

This report showed just 19.7 MP front camera, then how Vivo can say it is 24 MP front camera. Oh My God, so false marketing is done by this Chinese company. In spite of being a smartphone with a super cool front camera, this issue had made Vivo to answer lots of questions.


We have tried to reach Vivo for seeking their response on this allegation. But till now we have not received any update on it. Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter to know more about this issue. Share this story with your friends and make them aware about this. Also, let us know your opinion on this #VivoScam in the comment box below.