Vanish Mode: Facebook and Instagram is Getting a New Feature

After WhatsApp unveiled its new feature of disappearing messages, not it seems that the other two apps in this family will also be adopting this feature. Both these applications have a chat functionality and now it will be getting a vanish mode soon which will delete messages on closing the chat or conversation. This feature will work on both private chat and group chat.


To enable this new feature “Vanish Mode” you have to swipe up from the bottom of the chat and then you can send the message, once the message is sent, it will be available on the screen till the user closes the chat or switches to another application. Obviously, you always have the option to screenshot the message.

This new feature of disappearing message will work on both group chats and private chats. Since they are instantly disappearing, the message can still be reported as confirmed by Facebook. The messages will be available in the system for 14 days before they are completely deleted.

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Messenger already has a feature called “secret conversation” but it is quite messy to set it up and has lots of steps to follow and start using this feature. Instagram will be having this feature for the first time where it will have the option to have the chats disappear.


Vanish mode is currently available to Messenger users in the U.S. and plans to expand it soon to other countries and Instagram soon.