Unlimited Storage to End in Google Photos from 1st June 2021

Till now Google Photos has offered Unlimited storage and free back up at high quality for almost five years, now it has been reported that the company will start charging its users after the account has used over 15 GB of space. This change will happen from June 1st 2020, so you have plenty of time to reorganise or create a back up somewhere else or you can use Google services to keep on continuing with Google Photos after completing 15 GB storage. Google has also introduced a new policy which states that inactive accounts data will be deleted if the account has not logged in for two years.


Every photo and document that have been uploaded before 1st June will not be counted in the 15 GB cap, so you have enough time to choose if you want to continue with Google Photos or get new cloud storage for all your photos. Only the photos that are uploaded after June 1st will be counted against the cap.

Google Counts original quality photos against the storage cap. Taking away unlimited High-Quality images back up which are compressed and uploaded for more efficient storage. It was one of the photo services where a user didn’t have to worry about the storage space.

For Google Pixel owners, they will still be able to upload high quality (not original) photos without any cap. This was not the offer that was initially offered by Google but it’s like a small bonus for people buying Google products. Google also claims that 80% of users won’t even hit the target of 15 GB cap for at least 3 years.

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The application will send notifications to users if they are about to hit the cap and it also has a tool which will make easier to delete blur images or screenshots easily.


If you want more storage, you will have to opt for Google one subscription which starts at $1.99/month for 100 GB storage. This move will be to get more sign-ups for Google one storage and it also has a free VPN for android included with some of the plans that Google is providing in Google one’s subscription.